Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc

"Good EMS doesn't happen by accident." 

Dedicated to helping even the smallest of community members

Educating your children about what to do in an emergency is critically important.  We've put together these links and activities to help start the conversation with your child or children about what to do if someone is sick or injured and needs help.

While you are teaching your child or children how to dial 911.  It is equally important to teach them not to dial 911 "unless they have a true emergency".  People make mistakes every day and that includes accidentally dialing 911.  We encourage anyone who dials 911 to stay on the line and speak to the dispatcher even if it is an accidental dial.  This will save valuable time and allow the dispatcher to continue answering emergent calls.

Again, Non-emergent calls to the 911 dispatch centers take up valuable time.  The dispatcher taking the call must call the number back to verify everything is alright.  This can be very time consuming and interferes with true emergent calls.  Please don't allowing any child/children to play with a cell phone or house phone for anything other than it's intended use. 

Note:  Obstruction of Governmental Administration Law  - anyone can be charged for violating this law from continuously dialing 911 without having a true emergency.