Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc

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Community Education

Looking for a CPR or First Aid course?  Click here to see when our next Community CPR course will be offered, and to find out more information about how to set up a CPR or First Aid course that meets your schedule. 


We are now proud to offer a community CPR course that can teach the fundamental basics of what to do when an adult suddenly collapses and is in cardiac arrest.  We call this program the 3 C's of CPR, and our highly trained volunteers can teach it to you in as little as 10 minutes.  We are offering this program absolutely FREE to members of the community.  Call the station at 873-2122 to find out more or email us at etownlewisems@gmail.com!


In addition to the 3 C's of CPR, we offer CPR courses that are taught by American Heart Association certified instructors.  These courses cover adult, child, and infant CPR, as well as how to use an AED and how to help someone who is choking.  These courses can be tailored somewhat to fit a variety of age groups or workplaces.  All participants in an AHA approved course will be issued a 2-year AHA certification card.

        Elizabethtown - Lewis Emergency Squad is a Not for Profit Organization

Since 1970

Original Board of Directors:

Town of Elizabethtown                                                 Town of Lewis

John Denton                                                                  Henry Cornwright

Noble Dickinson                                                           Charles Dubay

Carl Huttig                                                                      Harold Valentine

Melvin Longware                                                           Steve Vargo


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Total Calls

Year 2013 - 215

Year 2014 - 286

Year 2015 - 272

Year 2016 - 297

Year 2017 - 268 as of December 15th


The Emergency Squads yearly call volume is 2 times greater than both fire departments combined within our district.  This is after the cancelled calls are deducted from our yearly totals.