Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc

Good EMS doesn't happen by accident.

                                                                ELIZABETHTOWN - LEWIS EMERGENCY SQUAD      Awarded $72,482.00 FEMA Grant  



Dear Taxpayers,

Here are some facts to remember:

1) Did you know that our volunteers save you the                              taxpayer - over $228,000.00 in cost yearly.  Did                                   you know as a taxpayer it will cost $300,000.00(+)                              for a full time paid service.  These are just a few                                  facts you need to be aware of as the Emergency                               Squad seeks both your support and that of the                                  Town Boards.

2)This year the Emergency Squad purchased a new                          Medic Car for Advanced Life Support Linkups                            replacing our 10 year old vehicle.  The vehicle was                    purchased locally from Egglefield Ford saving the                      taxpayers over $10,000.00 and eliminating frequent                        repairs on the older vehicle again saving tax dollars.

3)The Emergency Squad received a $72,482.00 FEMA                    Grant and purchased 2 new power cots in 2017.  This                          was a huge cost savings for the taxpayers and reduces                  potential workers compensation cases dramatically by                 allowing our providers to work safer and making the                     patient transport safer.

4)Did you know the Emergency Squad received 280                      request in 2018.  Approximately 8-10% of our calls                              were non-emergent calls.  The Emergency Squad did                            maintain it's average 250(+) yearly calls.  The Image                            Trends show us responding to calls within average                                 of 8 minutes from the time the call is received through                      911.  This is extremely fast compared to other volunteer              agencies in our county.  Did, you know that some people                      are waiting up to an hour for care to arrive?  Can, you                        imagine waiting for an ambulance from Westport,                      Willsboro - Essex, Keeseville, Keene or Keene Valley to              respond to your home?   

5)The ambulances respond to calls weekly and during our                 busy times daily and as often as 3 times within a 24 hour             period.  A majority of the volunteers have full time day                     jobs and often respond to 1 or 2 calls during the night and                        and report back to work in the morning.  

6)It takes a very dedicated community member to give                        this much time!  And, they do this week after week to pro-                 vide good care in the time of need.

If you would like to know more about what is happening                    within the Emergency Squad, contact Patty Bashaw (car3ofa@gmail.com).


  New Ambulance Fund


                                           Goal  -  $155,000.00 

















  Red numbers indicate level reached to date!  


Elizabethtown-Lewis Emergency Squad, Inc. is an emergency medical service agency at the Advanced Life Support level serving the towns of Elizabethtown, Lewis, and the hamlet of New Russia in beautiful Essex County, NY.  Elizabethtown-Lewis EMS responds to an average 250 calls annually.  The department has a total of 48 members (29 Volunteers including 1 - Jr Member) 1 Full Time - Paid Advanced Critical Care Tek, 4 Paid - per diem Advanced Critical Care Teks, 10 Paid Basic EMTs, and 3 - Paid Driver only employees serving our communities.  The department is dispatched by the Essex County E911 Dispatch Center located in Lewis.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming a volunteer member with Elizabethtown-Lewis EMS?  Click here to find out how you can become a member.

Board of Directors 2018

Patty Bashaw - President                                                  (Lewis)                  

Patrick Tromblee - Vice President                                     (Lewis)

Julie Tromblee - Treasurer                                                 (Lewis)

Leslie Fleury  - Secretary                                                   (Lewis)

Larry Bashaw - Training Captain / Building & Grounds      (Lewis) 

Aimee Adams - Ambulance Captain/Sunshine Committee (Lewis)

Karl Brooks - Maintenance Captain                                    (Elizabethtown)

Original Board of Directors

Elizabethtown                                                     Lewis

John Denton                                                         Henry Cornwright

Noble Dickinson                                                   Charles Dubay

Carl Huttig                                                            Harold Valentine

Melvin Longware                                                  Steve Vargo


 Did, you know the Volunteers are saving you the taxpayers over $228,000.00/yr. ( * )



Adams, Aimee - EMT Driver/Attendant (AEMT Student) - Ambulance Captain

Ashe, Kelly - NREMT 

Bashaw, Larry - AEMTCC/Driver          Training Captain                       

Bashaw, Patty - AEMTCC/Driver          President

Bolding, Megan - EMT/Driver 

Brooks, Deb - Attendant/Driver                                          

Brooks, Karl - Attendant/Driver             Maintenance Captain                       

Brooks, Trevor - Attendant (College Student)                 

Clark, Jr. Tim  - Attendant/Driver      

Crandall, Cathy - EMT (AEMT Student)   

Deming, Anita - EMT/Driver (AEMT Student)

Denton, Owen - EMT/Driver (College Student) 

Dickerson, Darren - EMT/Driver (AEMT Student)  

Doyle, Erin - EMT/Driver         

Egglefield, Jon - Attendant/Driver

Fish, Lisa -  AEMTCC/Driver                                                                                         

Fleury, Leslie - EMT/Driver                   Secretary                         

Fleury, Sienna - Attendant (College Student)                  

Freebern, Bill - Paramedic/Driver 

Green, Lori - EMT                                      

Hooper, Fred - EMT/Driver                             

Hummel, Mark - EMT/Driver     

Jacques, Kevin - Attendant/Driver  

Juda, Dylan - EMT/Driver  (**)      

Lavalette, Tara Attendant/Driver (Awaiting Reciprocity from VT)  

Mitchell, Monica Attendant                                   

Pulsifer, TJ - Attendant/Driver

Reynolds, Paula -   Driver/Attendant 

Rich, Keith - Driver/Attendant                                     

Rider, Koby   Attendant (College Student)

Sicher, Carolyn - EMT/Driver                              

Taylor, Bryce - AEMTCC/Driver     

Thomas-Train, Joe - Attendant                               

Tromblee, Julie - AEMTCC                   Treasurer                                 

Tromblee, Patrick - AEMTCC/Driver        Vice President      


Tara Lavalette

        Monica Mitchell     

( * )The figure is based on the lowest paid provider and doesn't include our paid full time and per-diem employees!  

(**) Congratulation: Dylan Juda who will be attending Syracuse University to pursue his career in medicine.


  Full Time & Per-Diem Staff

Hudson, Lisa -  Full Time Advanced EMT - Critical Care Tech 

Adragna, Lou - Driver 

Crahan, Corey - AEMTCC/Driver

Hendrie, Katie - EMT                               

Stonitsch, Joelle - AEMTCC/Driver         

Dodd, Bill - AEMTCC/Driver                             

Olcott, Dakotah - EMT/Driver  

Devlin, John - Driver      

Weller, Mike - EMT/Driver 

Sitts, Nicholas - EMT/Driver                     

Gregory, Robert - EMT/Driver                                    

Rondeau, Robert - EMT/Driver 

Tryon, Tyrel - EMT/Driver    

Morrisette, James - EMT/Driver 


The yearly cost for paid employees reached $69,660.95 in 2016 and will exceed $85,000.00 in 2017.

The significant increase is based on the lack of volunteer coverage and the need for more daytime paid coverage on the weekends.





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Total Calls

Year 2013 - 215

Year 2014 - 286

Year 2015 - 272

Year 2016 - 297

Year 2017 - 280

The Emergency Squads yearly call volume is 2 times greater than both fire departments combined within our district.  This is after the cancelled calls are deducted from our yearly totals.